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Custom Water Features

Pondless Waterfall and Total Landscape- Golden, CO

Waterfall Construction

When we arrived at this job, the plan was just to clean the pond/ waterfall. As we got further into cleaning, we noticed that there were several holes in the liner, due to cattails that had taken over the pond. We replaced all the liner in the pond/ waterfall, and rearranged all the rocks and added mulch, so it looks more natural.

Pond Restoration: Commerce City, CO 

In this job, we took a pond/ waterfall that had flatstone, and made it look more realistic, by adding several different sized rocks, and revamping the waterfall, to flow more efficiently. When we came to the pond, it had a leak, that caused the stream to be completely dried out, so we changed out the liner, to prevent it from leaking again. 

Pond Design: Lochbuie, CO

When we arrived at this job, the customers had a huge hole in the ground, to catch all the excess water that was flooding their yard when it rained. We designed the pond and added in a spot to put the waterfall. We then put an overflow system into the pond, to divert the water and prevent the pond from overflowing. We treated the water, so the customers could have a few Koi fish in their pond. We also landscaped most of the backyard, by adding a decorative fire pit, a couple of walkways and a flat area for the customers to walk up to the pond and feed their newly added Koi fish. 

Pond Maintenance/ Cleanup: Parker, CO

Upon arrival at this job, the pond was very mucky with algae and decaying plants. The waterfall consisted of only two flat stones, which made it look very artificial. We removed all of the water, rocks and decaying plants. We power washed all of the rocks, and made them look brand new again, by placing them neatly in the waterfall and pond, to make it look more genuine. The customers had several fish in this pond, so we had to remove them, and reintroduce them into the improved pond.